Infinity travel solutions

One of the offshoots of ERP solution is for the Road travel industry.
Road travel is one of the favoured enterprises around North Gujarat.
But it remained manually handled processing leaving a lot to be desired in terms of efficiency and human errors.

Infinity Travel Solutions

There are two major aspect of travel process. - One, Ticketing and another online sale and promotions. Ticketing is a major hassle for most of the individual transporters whereby coordinating between the travel points was always prone to errors and weak coordination. IIPL is proud to have converted most of the major transporters to adapt modern means of technology and efficiency. The ITS product has been able to streamline the ticketing, availability and booking into a matter of a click only. With a centralized platform accessible between all points of ticketing, the booking and issuing of tickets became less strenuous and error free with an efficiency rate of 95 percent.

The other aspect of ITS is ONLINE sales and booking by the customers directly. Many portals have started offering online itinerary to choose from amongst all the transporters and travel agencies. IIPL has been in the forefront of helping such portal.

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At One Place Complete Solution, Inter City & IntraCity Bus Booking, Cargo Booking, EntertainmentPark, Bus Maintenance System, Hotel Booking

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More than 5 Country, 20 Province, 400+ BusCompany, 10,000+ Bus Scheduled, 50,000+ DailyPNR, 10 Billon+ Successful Traveled Passengers

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Our booking engine system have provide

multiple front end platform like Desktop,

Web, Mobile Application

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